Weather and Refund Policy

Refunds Policy

Our refund policy is within 72 hours of event. If within 72 hours of event we can’t offer you a full refund however we will reschedule at the next available time available.

To be eligible for a refund, you must verbally speak to an owner prior to 72 hours of the event date.

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted please contact us as soon as possible for refund possibility.

Weather Policy

Postponement due to inclement weather can be made the day of the event. There is no penalty if the event is cancelled due to rain or inclement weather.

However, once setup is complete and payment is collected, no refunds will be issued. In most cases, where rain or inclement weather is expected, we can work with you up to a few hours before your event.

This flexibility allows us to make a better judgment call regarding local weather and limits premature cancellations. We will make every effort to work with you so that we will not have to cancel the event.

Consequently, this may require an adjustment on delivery and pick up times. A Minor Event has the right to halt/postpone an event should rain/winds/weather pose a significant threat of safety to your patrons and potential, permanent damage to our equipment.

Cleaning Fees

There is a $50 cleaning fee for soft materials rented. Additional fee if the soft materials are heavily soiled.

Repair Fees

Additional charges may be made for actual or estimated repair or additional cleaning costs to restore equipment or other property to the same condition prior to Renter(s) use of the Owner’s property. The Owner has 48 hours after return of property to make a claim of repair or refund fee to the Renter. The Owner will also provide an itemized bill of cost of repair or refund of replacement items within 3 business days.


A Minor Event is not liable for damages on or to your property from our equipment, lack of proper equipment setup/tethering, and/or from inclement weather/winds.

Contact us at {} for questions related to refunds and policy.